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Power Threads™ Microfiber Cover-Up Sports Towel

Power Threads™ Microfiber Cover-Up Sports Towel
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Price $29.95 
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 Power ThreadsTM Microfiber Cover-Up Sports Towel

 Keeps your head and body warm and dry after swimming and work-outs

The Cover-Up Sports Towel from Power Threads™ Microfiber – CTA Products LLC continues to delight our customers. The absorbent microfiber hooded body cover absorbs all water, sweat and dirt to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Its open front Poncho design and snap closures for hands-free movement make it convenient and easy-to-use. It is available in one size fits all.

Buy it now and use it to and from your favorite sports activities, the gym or even after swimming at the beach or in the pool it can be sued as a swim cover up. Our microfiber Cover-Up Sports Towel is durable and cost effective. It can be washed hundreds of times and is quick to dry offering absolute value for your money.

Whether you are a busy mom rushing in and out of the shower balancing a multitude of chores and tending to your kids’ needs; or a student trying to manage your time between study time, exercise and socializing; or an executive seeking comfort from your stressful lifestyle; the Cover-Up Sports Towel from Power Threads™ is your perfect choice.

Is it a towel, is it a hood, is it a bathrobe…it’s all this and more! Get one now.

Customer Review

I am in the gym a lot and I keep searching for a microfiber gym towel to wipe away the sweat.  I have to say so far this product is great and once I'm ready to leave the gym I lay it on the seat head rest to avoid getting the sweat from my clothes on my seat. Jessica

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How does it work?

  • Highly absorbent: The super absorbent microfiber wicks away body moisture to keep you feeling dry.
  • Protects your car: After drying off, fit the garment over your car seat to protect it from water, sweat, dirt and odor.
  • Convenient size: It is sized to completely cover a standard car seat, and is easy to remove because it has no straps or ties.
  • Durable and cost effective: Can be washed and reused a few hundred times.

Contact Us for bulk purchase of Power Threads™ Microfiber products that provide that extra muscle power for anything that you want to clean safely, effectively and completely.

To have your Power Threads™ Microfiber Cover-Up Sports Towel working actively for you,

Follow the recommended Care Instructions Read More! 

  • Purchase your Power Threads™ microfiber products for a satisfying cleaning experience. Our earth friendly products help reduce household and environmental pollution.

More Info

Shipping Box Dimensions In Inches:  9.875 X 13.5
Individual Item Dimensions In Inches:  60 X 60
Shipping Box Dimensions In CM:  25.1 X 34.3
Material:  Microfiber

Extra Info

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Extra Info
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 04 May, 2009.
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